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Loans for bad credit rating and the self employed

People who have a poor credit rating or low credit score due to CCJs, mortgage arrears, defaults, bankruptcy or other bad debts often find it difficult getting a loan. The self employed often experience similar problems.

Fortunately there is a selection of lenders who provide secured and unsecured loans for tenants and homeowners with bad credit history. Whatever your circumstances, even if youíve been refused elsewhere, there are lenders who could say YES! A number of specialist lenders in the UK are offering what are often described as bad credit loans as they have products specifically designed for people with previous financial problems or those with non standard circumstances such as the self employed.

It's important not to miss out on the top deals. Interest rates do vary considerably, so it's vitally important to shop around. Unfortunately if your credit score falls into the poor category you are likely to be charged signficantly higher rates of interest than those whose credit scores are deemed to be good to excellent. This is something you need to bear in mind when considering whether you can afford to borrow.

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Damaging black marks on your credit report

You can pick up 'black marks' against your name for a host of reasons and itís estimated that as many as one in four of us, or five million households in the UK, have done. The most common reasons for picking up negatives on your credit rating are failing to pay utility, council tax, credit or store card bills on time. It's important to familarise yourself with your credit report as it plays an integral role in the decision making process for most lenders.

If you suspect you have a bad credit rating you are probably not a habitual overspender but someone who has been a victim of circumstances beyond your control. Quite often the reasons for financial problems are redundancy and relationships breaking down. In situations like this, normal lenders might not be able to help, but a non standard lender might be more accommodating providing you have resolved your previous problems and are now in a position to be able to afford the repayments. Some lenders will look beyond your past issues and give you the opportunity to borrow. If you are successful in getting a loan, it's incredibly important to make the loan repayments on time and repay the loan full as this will help to restore your reputation as a creditworthy borrower.

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With a secured personal loan you can borrow money for any purpose. You could use a secured loan to consolidate all your existing debts and switch to a single monthly payment. Or maybe you want to make the home improvements youíve been dreaming of such as fitting a new kitchen or bathroom? You could even buy yourself that new car or holiday!


Even if you're a council or private tenant, or live with your parents, there are companies who could help you get the loan you need providing you are in full time employment and can afford the repayments. You are welcome to apply for unsecured tenant loans even if you have CCJs, previous rent arrears, previous bankruptcy or other bad debts. The lender will make a decision based on their critieria and your current circumstances.

Self Employed

Sometimes your inability to prove your income, such as being self employed, can be enough for some lenders to decline your loan application. Fortunately there are specialist lenders who recognize that self employed individuals make good borrowers.

Credit Cards

Have bad credit rating but need credit card?, visit for details of providers who are sympathetic to individuals with tainted credit history.